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Website design

If your company has a website, customers will find you online as well. At Vira Segal karo we believe that a website is an essential element for any company regardless of the type or size of the company. Having a professional website not only helps brand presence in the internet regardless of geographical constraints but also It has a direct impact on market expansion and marketing strategies, in other words it is the foundation of your digital marketing website.

Intelligence applications

At Vira Segal karo we believe that the lack of up-to-date technology in Iran has created major constraints on management and living. At VSK, we have come together to respond to all the country's technology needs and work to improve our management and living standards in Iran.

SEO and optimization

Given the large number of customers coming in through search engines, you need to optimize your website so that it can generate a steady stream of visitors and potential customers. SEO or website optimization makes website placement in search engines and popularity of the site or page rank or in the simpler language placement in Google pages or other search engines.

teasers and video clip

Given the pervasive nature of the Internet, having a video clip or an advertising teaser that for a limited period of time can play a significant role in the minds of customers and peopleis essential. At VSK, we bring you the most up-to-date advertising and video clip making techniques.

“VSK” company Experts and personnel, have always been in to identify and respond to the problems-in-depth research and the needs of the people and country of Iran they are up to answer them using their expertise to move Iran’s capabilities from a developing country to a developed one.

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