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Teaching Python programming and learning different languages of artificial intelligence programming with Vira Segal Karo

Python programming language is one of the most practical and easy artificial intelligence programming languages

Many IoT and AI projects can be written using this program

Python is a program written on the Linux platform

This program was designed by Guido van Rossum in 1991 in the Netherlands

And it has several other programs like the Pycharm to be able to meet all the needs of users

The philosophy behind it is to emphasize the two main goals of high readability of written programs and their relative shortness and efficiency. The keywords of this language are minimal and the libraries available to the user are very large.

Unlike some other common programming languages where code blocks are defined in parentheses (especially languages that follow the grammar of the C language), the Python language uses a hyphen and a forward text to specify code blocks. This means that the same number of space characters are placed at the beginning of the rows of each block, and this number increases in the blocks of internal code. This way, the blocks of code automatically look tidy.

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