smart mall – VSK company

smart mall – VSK company

Smart mall

Viera Segal Caro’s intelligent passage management system is capable of providing the world with new technology, artificial intelligence, for shopping malls and passages. Artificial intelligence in this software makes direct and comfortable communication with more and more customers with the facilities and shops of shopping malls and makes more profit for shopping center and easy management without mistake for the complex.

By designing the right system, Viera Segal has been able to produce a highly effective tool that utilizes state-of-the-art technology to adapt 100% of the mall to the user and serve whatever the mall user wants.

With advanced in-app methods no matter how big your mall or business complex is, or how many shops or service centers you have in your shopping center, with us you will have a very intelligent system that Easily manage all your mall. Target visits that lead to your shopping center.

Provides the user with all the features of their business complex and transmits the information system they need to the user.
This software also enables users to accurately position the mall. That is, the user is aware of the route before entering the mall and knows which floor or unit or even restaurant or ATM needs to be at the mall, guiding the user to their destination and offering in-person suggestions on the route for the user

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