Earthquake crisis management

Earthquake crisis management

Iran Intelligent Crisis Management  Project

Vira Segal earthquake crisis management app

Given the geographical location of our beloved country of Iran, it can be said that the country is almost active on a fault that spreads across Iran and we witness an earthquake almost every day. Understanding this issue, Viera Segal Caro, through her extensive field research, has come up with the latest technologies (artificial intelligence) to develop an intelligent crisis management system that has no foreign prototype and is the first made in Iran.

The focus of the company is that in addition to assisting state-of-the-art crisis management systems, the system is much more efficient and more efficient in providing emergency services to dear ones.

Intelligent System Features

  • Earthquake alert to user
    Complete help and relief guide
    Providing educational tips
    Advanced tracing of buried people for rescue and rescue teams
    Enable manual and intelligent help notification system
    Direct reporting to affected people
    Essential Phones
    Popular assistance

    It should be noted that the performance of this smart system has no dependence on masts and telecommunications networks. This is because the infrastructure of the country has problems when natural disasters occur.

    Unfortunately, some of the profitable people have started developing vsk-like systems after introducing the Viego Segal system.

    Just like in terms of content, it’s like a viral artificial intelligence system and they use methods in their program that work only when all the country’s infrastructures such as the Internet and … are 100% in place, and in times of surprise and crisis, They don’t work

    Authority: Ministry of Interior – Country Crisis Management – Red Crescent – Red Cross – Telecommunication Service Companies

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